Do you know how to maintain liquid silicone products?

2021/3/10 9:49:56

Liquid silica gel products have many excellent performance characteristics, so liquid silica gel products are widely used. Recently, however, some friends said that their liquid silica gel products are not durable, and some performance problems have appeared after a period of time, and some of them have cracks and fractures. What is going on here? Is there a problem with the quality of liquid silicone products?


Liquid silica gel products are the same as other products, which need to be maintained after a period of use, otherwise it is normal for performance problems to occur after a long time. Liquid silicone products are just like cars. If they are not regularly maintained, there will be some problems, so liquid silicone products are the same.


In fact, it is not the quality of the liquid silica gel products that have problems, nor the short life of the liquid silica gel products, but the failure to maintain the liquid silica gel products. Today, Xiaobian takes everyone to see how to maintain liquid silicone products.


1. Use liquid silica gel material, don't contact with sharp things to avoid cutting.
2. It cannot be placed in places with high fire and heat, and is easy to burn.
3. Don't use weight extrusion or twists and turns.
4. If cleaning is needed during use, dry cleaning can be used as much as possible, and the product can be wiped with a dust-free cloth or directly cleaned in warm water and placed in a ventilated place after being dried.
5. stains can also use toothpaste to clean.
6. Liquid silica gel products are not easy to clean, so don't clean and exposure easily.
7. liquid silica gel material has static electricity belongs to the high adsorption products, so try not to put in more hair, dust.


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