What are the applications of liquid silica gel in silica gel field?

2021/3/11 10:00:15

After years of development in the silicone industry, the technology is becoming more and more mature, and many products that need to be made of silicone can be well molded. Most of the molded silicone products can also meet the needs of customers, and the tolerance size of silicone products is controlled in a very small range. What are the applications of liquid silica gel in silica gel field?

Nowadays, the two major processes of silica gel are extrusion process and molding process, and the technologies of these two processes are very mature now, which can make perfect products for customers' needs. However, as many customers have higher and higher requirements for silicone products, the traditional production process can't meet the needs of customers.


Therefore, a new manufacturing process was born, that is, the liquid technology of silica gel. Liquid silicone product technology solves many products that are difficult to produce by molding and extrusion, and the products have good precision. Many medical silicone products adopt liquid forming technology, which has many advantages such as high efficiency and precise size.


Although the molding process of liquid silicone has many advantages, the manufacturing cost is relatively high, so this process is generally used in the production of silicone products with higher requirements, such as medical silicone products, food-grade silicone products and other silicone products that need indirect or direct contact with the human body.


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Realistic mask

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