What is mask silicone?

2021/3/22 9:41:35

Mask silica gel is a kind of soft elastomer made of two-component heating vulcanized liquid silicone rubber as raw material and vulcanized once, which belongs to human body silica gel. Appearance before vulcanization: colorless or skin-colored oily liquid, with temperature ranging from-65℃ to 200℃, which becomes a soft elastic material after vulcanization. Environmental protection, innocuity, electrical property and chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, weather aging resistance, non-corrosiveness, physiological inertia, innocuity and tasteless, low linear shrinkage, easy operation and no deformation. The internal dimensions of the silicone mask are made around the faces of the masses, which makes the whole silicone mask closer to the human face and more realistic. It also has the function of ventilation in the nostrils, and can be cleaned and recycled with clear water.

Application classification of mask silicone:
1. shouban as a mask. The hand mold here can be made according to the carved model or the face of a real person. Many people may not understand what a hand mold is. To put it bluntly, the hand board mold is the first (or the first few) mold turning model, and sometimes the hand board is also called the head board.
2. Silicone gel as mold. As the mold is the easiest to understand, when we decide to mass-produce masks, we need to use the mold to turn over the mold, at this time, we can use the silicone mold. There are some differences between mask mold and ordinary mold, because the face of a real person is often used as the master mold to make the mold, so there is a high requirement for the quality of mask silicone. At the very least, silicone mold for copying human face should not damage skin and pose no threat to human health.
3. Pattern pad printing silicone. The silica gel used here has a special name called pad printing silica gel. Pad printing is to print the pattern on the steel mold onto the surface of the product through the silicone rubber head. Of course, in order to ensure the vividness of the mask, it is impossible to print the trademark of the product directly on the surface of the mask.
4. Trademark glue as mask trademark. Silica gel, as a trademark of masks, is also called label silica gel, because it is easy to emboss, and it is often used as a trademark label of clothes. Like the pad printing silicone above, the trademark cannot be made on the surface of the mask.

Skin engineering

We can provide a variety of robot skins and headgear for medical teaching aids, equipment and artificial intelligence

Realistic mask

The simulation degree of the silicone simulation mask has reached more than 95%, it is durable, and the raw material is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell

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