Can silicone mask fool AI face recognition?

2021/3/23 10:01:59

Face recognition technology is one of the hottest technologies recently, and I believe no one will object. This technology has been applied to our life, so can the silicone simulation mask, which is called easy-to-hold effect, be recognized by face recognition technology?


Of course, the answer is no! Now the face technology can completely see through the silicone simulation mask!
First of all, even the most sophisticated face mask, with high simulation effect, can be lifelike in beard and hairstyle, but in the details of blinking, twisting, opening mouth, nodding, etc., there will be parts with poor matching of muscle line changes in the hollowed-out corners of the mask. AI face recognition system can find out the flaws in milliseconds by capturing and learning facial expression data.

Secondly, you have to accept the "living test". This is a process of proving: compare the former you with the present you.
After passing the "living detection", the system will compare the "living detection" image with the face information in the system! In this process, not only the simple comparison of two pictures, but also the detection and tracking of face and face, the location of key points of face, and the comparison and recognition with the face database are all important factors that determine whether you can find out the former you faster and more accurately. With the continuous development of deep learning technology, the face recognition system will be continuously updated and iterated, and the precision of safety factor and recognition accuracy will be higher and higher.


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