How is simulated silica gel made?

2021/3/24 9:45:02

With the development of various kinds of film and television industries, film and television props are slowly developing, and various kinds of film and television props are dazzling. Among them, there is a kind of props for simulated parts of human body, such as simulated mask, simulated headgear, fake ears, fake nose, silicone prosthesis, etc. These props have realistic and real effects, which are highly sought after by consumers.


In the production process, different types of silica gel and silica gel with different hardness are selected for different parts, and the main raw materials for making these props are environmental protection food grade human silica gel.

Usage: the components a and b are evenly mixed according to the ratio of 1:0.95-1.05, and can be poured after vacuum defoaming. the operation time depends on the temperature (0.5-3)H, the vulcanization time (room temperature) is 12-24H, and the vulcanization can be carried out within tens of minutes by heating at 80-120 C .. The operation time of quick drying at room temperature is less than 20 minutes, and the vulcanization time is 1 hour. It can be made into other colors such as red and yellow according to users' requirements.


Generally, human silica gel with Shore A hardness of about 5-10 is used to make a simulated mask. The silica gel with this hardness is soft in texture and good in elasticity, and can be attached to human skin well, thus achieving the effect of genuine. Human silicone with Shore A hardness of 15 degrees can be used to make the simulated headgear. The tear strength and tensile strength of silicone with 15 degrees are better. Because the headgear needs to be torn and stretched repeatedly, it is necessary to ensure that the performance of silicone can meet the needs of consumers.


There are artificial hands, feet and ears in silicone prostheses. When choosing silicone for human body, these props that need to be supported will always choose silicone with higher hardness, with the basic hardness of 20-25 degrees. Under the condition of hardness of 20-25 degrees, the tear strength of human silica gel becomes larger, which has a good force effect. It will not tear easily because it is too soft, nor will it lose its elasticity and feel because it is too hard.



Skin engineering

We can provide a variety of robot skins and headgear for medical teaching aids, equipment and artificial intelligence

Realistic mask

The simulation degree of the silicone simulation mask has reached more than 95%, it is durable, and the raw material is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell

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