Can the silicone mask really crack the brush face payment?

2021/3/29 9:48:42

Three things people must take when they go out now. Cell phone, keys, wallet. But where can I see the trace of my wallet now? One mobile phone can travel all over the world. Because everyone is used to paying by scanning code. But Ma Yun founded a new payment method. Pay by brushing your face. Maybe you won't even need a cell phone in the future. From the present point of view. The number of users paying by brushing their faces is also slowly increasing. This means that brush face payment is gradually becoming popular. In our life, we can see at any time that we don't rely on mobile phones or passwords to pay by brushing our faces. You can pay for it with one face. But said brush face to pay. Some people will worry about it. Let's say someone has our picture. Living is twins. Pay by brushing your face, will it be successful?

Actually, I read a report like this in foreign media. It was an American company that developed the 3D mask. Successfully cracked the face-brushing payment, and the success rate is still above 95%. The American company was able to make a breakthrough. Because it collects a lot of facial information. It took a lot of money to develop such masks, but in real life. Who would imitate our faces at such a great price?

Not only that, but in 2015. Japanese companies have cracked face-brushing payment. The method is the same as that adopted in America. A 3D silicone mask is used. Because he can achieve more than 90% similarity.


In fact, in real life, the safety factor of brush face payment is still very high. And Alipay's system is constantly being upgraded. Only a real person in front of the camera can activate the payment, if the face is synthesized by ar software. Ma Yun's system will see through it immediately. Let's take Alipay as an example. After all, paying by brushing your face is introduced by Alipay. The accuracy of Alipay's face-brushing payment has reached 99.9%. This may happen in 1% of accidents, but it is also caused by users themselves.

And now brush face to pay. Has reached the level of the fifth generation, even if you go to the whole capacity. You don't even know your mother. This machine may also recognize that he is you. Paying for brushing your face depends not only on your face, but also on your cornea as a reference point. Because everyone's cornea is unique.

Therefore, we don't have to worry too much about paying for our daily use.


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