Robot simulated skin material

2021/3/31 17:38:35

At present, there are not many materials that can be used to simulate the skin of robot, mainly using silica gel as the material for simulating the skin.

Silica gel is a thermosetting elastomer. At present, the coating material of robot skin is mainly silicone rubber, which is also called human body silicone rubber, addition silicone rubber and two-component addition silicone rubber. It consists of two parts: A component is silica gel and B component is curing agent; The two components are mixed according to a certain proportion. It can be cured at room temperature or heated quickly. The product is colorless or skin-colored colloidal liquid, which becomes a soft elastic material after vulcanization, and has the advantages of soft touch, no deformation and durability.


Silica gel is the most common material for human body simulation. Silica gel material not only has excellent hand feeling, but also has obvious temperature-resistant effects. However, because of its complicated processing technology, the cost of silica gel material is relatively expensive. Therefore, the cost of a single simulated silicone robot is higher, and the market demand is less than that of other service robots.


Skin engineering

We can provide a variety of robot skins and headgear for medical teaching aids, equipment and artificial intelligence

Realistic mask

The simulation degree of the silicone simulation mask has reached more than 95%, it is durable, and the raw material is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell

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